Punishing: Gray Raven Complete Beginner’s Guide

This guide will equip you with all the essential information beginners need before getting in the game and several helpful tips to ensure you get off to the best start possible!

Completing The Story Mode

PGR’s level progression is essentially divided into three sections: early game (Levels 1–39), mid-game (Levels 40–79), and end game (Levels 80 and up). To access weekly content like Operation Guardians, War Zone, and Phantom Pain Cage, prioritize clearing story stages and attaining Level 35. This will provide a consistent stream of Black Cards for pulling on Punishing Gray Raven characters. You can visit the PGR Shop to get new merchandise and Rainbow cards.

Team Building and Constructs in Punishing Gray Raven
In Punishing Gray Raven, there are numerous PGR characters to unlock and collect, known as “Constructs.” Each Construct has unique skills, stats, and properties, even though their goal is always the same. When it comes to building teams, the process is quite simple. You can only bring three Constructs to any mission and freely swap between them by tapping on their portraits in the field.

Construct Rerolling

Rerolling in a gacha game means repeatedly resetting a player’s account until they have a good start, usually by obtaining high-tier Punishing Gray Raven characters or stuff from the gacha. Rerolling may be necessary to get the PGR characters you want, but the advantage is that it allows you to get into the game faster instead of spending hours rerolling! If you have a specific unit you want to start your account with, the first step in the reroll process is to clear Normal Story 1-12.

Choosing Your Banner

Banners are a pool of Punishing Gray Raven characters that you are trying to obtain. PGR features numerous banners, which can become confusing when deciding which one to pull from. Punishing Gray Raven Characters and weapons are pulled from separate banners. Each banner has a “pity” system, the maximum number of pulls you need to do to guarantee a PGR character/weapon. Pulling a Construct or weapon of a certain rarity before the pity counter reaches its maximum will reset the counter to 0.

Upgrading PGR Characters

If you acquire some good Constructs from your banner pulls in PGR, you will still need to invest significant resources into them to unleash their full potential. Upgrading your Punishing Gray Raven characters in this game can be achieved in several different ways and requires specific resources depending on the type of upgrade. In addition to these upgrades, you can equip your PGR characters with memories, which are this game’s equivalent to armor pieces.

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